Man-Made (Cultured) Diamonds – Myths vs Actuality, 2007

The flexibility to grow genuine gem-grade diamonds inside a lab has been a lengthy standing aim of science and marketplace, Diamond Size Comparison on Hand and one which has actually been achieved on the limited foundation over the past five years.

Sad to say most media publications are generally intended to offer articles, and therefore often tend not to offer people with a genuine image of the industrial fact and availability of lab-grown diamonds. Further, a lot of sellers of diamond simulants (stones that seem much like diamond, but are not genuine diamond) exploit this information gap as being a technique to deceptively offer their simulants as ‘lab-grown diamonds’. As being the president of a firm which has been associated with both lab-grown diamonds and diamond simulants for over 7 years, and getting seen the confusion lots of of such less than factual articles have triggered, I wished that can help deliver consumers using an business insider assessment of what is and isn’t commercially out there, and assist educate people that are in truth hunting to buy a true lab-grown diamond. As a result, we begin a short tour of myth vs. fact from the lab-grown diamond market place (circa 2007).

To start with and foremost, lab-grown diamonds (true diamond, but not mined) are in truth available for jewellery acquire, but over a restricted basis. The numerous catch though is this – when most people think about a diamond, they automatically imagine white diamonds. As of October, 2007, nobody is presently equipped to supply white (colorless) lab grown diamonds available for sale on any type of production basis. Regardless of what different reporters produce, the reality is barely fancy coloration diamonds (predominantly yellow, and also to a significantly lesser degree, pink and blue) can be found.

The explanation for that hole in between what shoppers want (white lab-grown diamonds) and what labs can deliver (mostly yellow lab-grown diamonds), is due to the two commercial price and natural limitations. Lets explore the pure barrier initial – yellow diamonds are yellow mainly because they incorporate nitrogen into their crystal construction. White diamonds are white (or very clear) mainly because they’ve significantly less nitrogen in their crystal composition. When expanding diamonds, however, nitrogen is often a catalyst – it appreciably hastens diamond development, as well as in addition lessens problems. Therefore, you are able to grow a 1ct (finished) yellow in approximately 1 7 days, compared to developing a similar dimensions white (by limiting nitrogen) might take you 4-6 weeks (applying BARS strategy, the default technique now). In other words, nitrogen will help you increase approximately 6x just as much yellow diamond as white inside the exact sum of generation time. Which is a tricky purely natural barrier.

The industrial barrier, is that yellow pure diamonds are really worth considerably more than white purely natural diamonds. In mother nature, you will discover roughly ten,000 whites for every fancy yellow. So, extravagant yellows command a substantially larger price tag for each carat. Lab developed diamonds commonly market at a low cost but remain pegged to their normal counterparts, and because yellow diamonds are worth much more than whites, absolutely the providing cost for lab developed yellows is better than exactly what the marketplace can pay for lab developed whites.

Now, if you blend the point that labs can improve yellows a lot more speedily and easily than whites, and that yellow diamonds (lab grown and purely natural) more command better prices than whites, you can see you’ve got a severe dis-incentive to provide white diamonds with all the recent technological innovation. White diamonds can and have been produced by labs (we’ve some sample photos on our web site) but they are not value aggressive with all-natural white diamonds presently. As a result, an incredibly big cause of why there are actually now no white diamonds available for professional sale.